Ole Anthony Explains Why Televangelists Hop Aboard the Trump Shuttle


Christian Post reporter Michael Gryboski recently asked Ole Anthony here at the Trinity Foundation what he thought about televangelist Mike Murdock’s endorsement of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Anthony told CP that “it’s not surprising that Murdock is drawn to Donald Trump, because both of them like making outrageous statements.”  Ole also said, “Mike Murdock’s endorsement of Trump – along with the whole spate of pastoral political endorsements – is an attempt to get credibility and to be ‘next to power.’ Spiritually, it’s the worst kind of heresy.”   Read the article here.

Forgive our tongue-in-cheek headline … Trump’s company, the “Trump Shuttle” went broke.   “The Trump Shuttle never turned a profit and collapsed within a year. Because he had taken out so much debt to finance the project, Trump was forced to default on his loans and lost the company to his creditors,” according to the National Review, which also reported that Trump praised China’s government for its handling of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1990.