Helping the Fardettes (An Update)

Katrina in the hospital


Larry and Darcy

(Update at bottom of post)
Katrina Fardette, 28, of Cocoa Beach, Fla., has Lupus, and her condition is worsening.
After giving to televangelists for many years, none would help.
Her parents, Larry and Darcy left their home in California to help their daughter, but her medical expenses (and their own physical disabilities) drained their finances. Darcy is plagued with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Larry with severe arthritis, which has prevented both of them from working.
The couple ended up living week to week in a Motel 6.
Because they had sent various televangelists and ministries almost $20,000 over the years, the Fardettes sent requests to 18 different ministries, expecting someone to respond to their plight.
Incredibly, not one responded with any help.
A small Episcopal church in Jacksonville, Fla., is helping them. Trinity Foundation has contributed funds as we’ve been able. But their needs require more than a piecemeal solution.

Why are we involved? The Fardettes reached out to Trinity Foundation after we were mentioned as investigators of religious fraud in comedian John Oliver’s HBO program “Last Week Tonight.” (Their experience has only confirmed what we’ve discovered over the years – televangelists care more about expanding their own lavish lifestyles than the needs of their followers).
We hope this crowdfunding campaign will provide Katrina the real help she needs, lift the Fardettes out of their desperate situation and confirm their trust in God and human compassion.
Thank you to everyone that donated to the Fardettes. We raised slightly more than $2,000 for them, less than what we had hoped for, but enough to tide them over until they could get established in a new home.