Victims, Fraud Tips or Reports

Have you or someone you know been a victim of religious fraud (such as from an evangelist, a ponzi scheme, etc.) or observed unethical behavior in a religious ministry?

Click the following: File an Abuse Report (Please provide contact information which will be kept confidential) If a question is not applicable, move on to the next question.

Have you been victimized yourself or want to talk to someone?
Please call our Victim’s Helpline– 214-843-0677 or e-mail our investigator Pete Evans at

Concerned about confidentiality, want to remain anonymous?  We’ve been protecting the identities of victims and informants since we began.  This is also protected within the legal system.  However, we often cannot use various pieces of information unless we can communicate with you further.  It is extremely important that we have some means of contacting you if we have a question about the information you provide!

We will protect your identity as long as you wish but be advised that an actual witness is considered much more credible than someone who wishes to remain anonymous.


  1. Dan

    There is a man out here in Fairfield, Illinois who calls himself “prophet tom e deckard.” He runs Cradle of Hope International Ministry, inc. He bought an actual island in the turks/caicos island chain down by Haiti. He is encouraging all the members to move with him. This is a business and not a church. I have information on this man and would like to expose him. Please contact me if you’d be interested.

  2. David Montgomery

    Hello my name is David M. I have been a “member” of a baptist “church” just about all my life growing into my early 20’s. I have recently been revealed to the truth of what God really wants his Son’s church to look like. As a result of me seeing some corruption in what i call institutional “churches”, I am going against some issues that attempt to give God a bad name because of the hypocrisy of some who claim to follow in the ways of the Lord. I have vital information that can be used to have “churches” required to pay taxes like they should. Please contact me soon as possible. Thank you and may the one true God in HIs Son Jesus’ name be glorified today!


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