Religious Abuse or Fraud Questionnaire

If you wish to provide a completely anonymous tip, you may do so using this same questionnaire; however, please be aware that completely anonymous tips are often unproductive unless they provide enough information for an investigator to follow up, and that is rare.

We’ve been protecting the identity of confidential informants successfully since we began investigating in 1989. The following abuse questionnaire may help us combat a growing problem of religious fraud or fake religious investment schemes. You’ve entered a confidential, secured website. Your answers will be kept confidential and are password protected from outside and inside Trinity Foundation.

Questionnaires will be kept confidential unless otherwise directed by you. In case of difficulty in filling out this form, you may email the Trinity Foundation at or call our office at 214-827-2625. Please note we cannot promise to investigate persons or organizations listed as the perpetrators of abuse described with this questionnaire.

Answering various questions are optional. Please skip any that do not apply to your situation.