How about believing for a helicopter…?

Recently, Pastor I.V. Hilliard of New Light Church World outreach Worship Center, Inc. (whew) sent out a letter offering God’s blessings to be bestowed on you in abundance.  “Do you need better transportation?  Does your car need repair or total replacement?  Do you have a dream vehicle or luxury auto you long to purchase?…”

Well, Pastor Hilliard needs some better transportation too!  We’re not too sure if Pastor Hilliard has upgraded the “ministry” jet (was N829NL) but its hard to get around town in a Gulf Stream jet anyway and a helicopter will bypass evening rush hour just fine.  The church’s Aviation Manager stated that if they “upgrade their blades” (a new chopper, perhaps?) with well over $50,000, it will save the church “thousands in the days to come”.

Houston radio KTRH reports “Houston Pastor Asks Congregation to Fund a Chopper!”.  If you fill out an online petition form verbalizing your dream transportation (don’t forget to include your $52 “transporation-favor-seed” –say what?), God will answer your petition in either 52 days or 52 weeks.  Hmmmm, we want the 52 day answer here at the Trinity Foundation…  will 52 cents work?

Just click the “Favor Seed” button on Pastor Hilliard’s letter–you can’t miss it.


2 thoughts on “How about believing for a helicopter…?

  1. Could/would the helicopter be dispatched, to get the elderly people from their homes to the church ?

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