Marc Barclay asks supporters for $78,000 paint job on jet

Mark_Barclay_praying_for_a_plane_pimppreacherLatest in a rash of “Aviation Department” requests from rich evangelists is this letter to supporters from Mark T. Barclay of Midland, Mich. “Corrosion is a dangerous enemy for an airplane,” Barclay patiently explains, because his expensive Citation III jet needs to withstand “all forms of weather at very high speeds.”  But a new paint job will stop corrosion in its tracks and allow Barclay to continue to reach “hurting, suffering and dying humanity.” If 80 people, ministries or companies sow $1,000, he says, “it will be taken care of.” With $1,000 to spare, we might add. See his letter here.

1 thought on “Marc Barclay asks supporters for $78,000 paint job on jet

  1. Oh, what a martyr. He actually makes it sound like the private plane is a massive burden, a huge cross God called him to carry. “If there were any other way, I’d do it…” There is… it’s called Civil Aviation, I.e. Airliners, you pompous turd!

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