Atlanta metropolis sees Dollar’s wealth, self-justification

DollarSelfJustifyingCBS Atlanta–Last night, Atlanta and surrounding communities watched an eyeful about Creflo Dollar’s mansions, jets, luxury cars, and self-vindication.  CBS Atlanta reporter Jeff Chirico interviewed Ole Anthony and used flight data information provided by the Trinity Foundation for the story (here).  Atlanta preacher Creflo Dollar responded to critics, whom he alleged were motivated by the devil, and spoke to his cheering congregation, “if they discover that there’s life on Mars, they’re going to need to hear the gospel I’m going to have to believe God for a billion dollar space shuttle…”

Flight data from Dollar’s private and ministry jets obtained by the Trinity Foundation and given to CBS shows multiple trips to the Bahamas and other Caribbean locations, trips to Las Vegas, trips to numerous  Hawaiian Islands, FIJI, and a number of other locations which seem dubious at best from a ministry standpoint.  Here are some excerpts from Ole’s comments in the story linked above, “It’s a spiritual Las Vegas, a heavenly lottery if you will, and the odds are always in favor of the House and Creflo Dollar is the House.” Ole added, “his role isn’t to make money off of the sheep or to ‘eat the sheep’, … in the first century church the pastor lived as the poorest of the poor, not the richest of the rich.”