CBS This Morning exposes Creflo Dollar’s self-indulgence… “Almighty Dollar”


Creflo Dollar's Georgia mansion
Creflo Dollar’s Georgia mansion

Thank you CBS This Morning for helping expose Dollar’s madness.  Yesterday, CBS’ morning program, CBS This Morning, ran a piece about Creflo Dollar’s request for his donors to help him buy a $65 million dollar luxury jet. subtitled “Almighty Dollar”.

From CBS’ interview with Ole Anthony: “In Creflo’s church, there is no accountability. He runs it like a fiefdom,” said Anthony, president of the Trinity Foundation in Texas, a church fundraising watchdog group. “The chairman of the board of Texas Instruments or AT&T can have a whole fleet of jets, but they’re not begging for money from people and getting a tax write-off in order for them to establish such a lifestyle,” Anthony added.

CBS This Morning co-hosts Gayle King, Norah O’Donnell, and Charlie Rose each reacted with shock and/or sadness at the contrast between Dollar’s indulgent lifestyle and a supportive church member having to ride the bus to get herself to Dollar’s church.