TBN Found Liable for Damages to Jan Crouch’s Granddaughter


The granddaughter of the late TBN founder Jan Crouch was just awarded $2 million dollars in damages for emotional pain incurred from an alleged molestation and rape in 2006.  The court ruled that TBN is responsible to pay Jan Crouch’s portion of that ($900,000) because of Jan’s mishandling of her granddaughter’s claim of abuse that happened at a telethon by a TBN employee.  We are deeply disturbed to see this family involved in so much litigation with one another and saddened to see them in so much pain.  (Read the New York Times Article on the Trial here)



2 thoughts on “TBN Found Liable for Damages to Jan Crouch’s Granddaughter

  1. satan sure knew how to use these people to mock God and same with all the rest of those creatures who walked and are walking in the same path as the crouchs and as many of us know it’s not on the path of Jesus and all the true disciples. I do hope the gran-daughter has found the true path of Jesus

    1. We often remind ourselves that God has allowed the televangelists to exist so we could see ourselves without or apart from the cross. My prayer is that these you mention come to repentance… or find the true path of Jesus as you suggest–ourselves included.

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