Carra Crouch Lawsuit Outcome Ruled To Be Complete Responsibility of TBN

Carra Crouch received a favorable outcome in court on Monday on a case which took eleven years to go to trial!  On June 5th the court awarded Carra $2 million dollars for her pain and suffering after a sexual assault by a TBN employee.  Although initially they ruled that Jan Crouch was only 45% responsible for her pain and suffering, assigning the remainder to her mother and the assailant, that was overruled based on the fact that California law only apportions accountability in negligence claims. 


This was initially ruled as an intentional infliction of emotional distress because of the way that Jan Crouch reacted to her granddaughter when she told her about the assault.  Now, TBN is responsible to pay Carra the entire $2 million in damages, as reported by the Orange County Register here.

TBN’s lawyers, who have filed a total of 22 lawsuits against Carra’s sister Brittany, were once called “vexatious litigants” by a federal judge.  Having been given a chance to correct their behavior, they (view our post here) have indicated that they reserve the right to fight the decision by the judge.

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