“What would God Say to the Church?”–radio interview clip rediscovered


Ole Anthony (not 27 yr-old photo)

doll“Having an electric church is like having a rubber doll wife.” “What would God say to the church today?” 27 years ago (April 5th, 1987), Ole Anthony delivered a message to the church… whatever you want to call it, this four minute excerpt of Ole Anthony being interviewed by then Eagle rock station’s DJ, Rich Brian, will amaze…

3 thoughts on ““What would God Say to the Church?”–radio interview clip rediscovered

  1. Ole can be seen or heard over the years doing that prophet type thing where he goes, “Here’s what I think God might say…”, but it does sound like something memorized though. Maybe I am wrong. Not that memorizing would be a problem necessarily. I know I’ve heard the “Oh stubborn and rebellious child…” line a few times. He should at least tell the host if it was memorized while the host is “astounded” and in apparent awe of Ole’s prophetic powers. Ole is just a bit more crude. colorful, and heretical sounding at times for many people to imagine he is a prophet. Not saying he isn’t in some form, his teaching is challenging, and some of the hardest hitting stuff you could here. Yet there are questionable bits in Trinity Foundation’s history. ie. the firewalking incident, hot seats, W.V. Grant Centerfold. While I intensely appreciate the work of the Trinity Foundation, and have closely followed this group for quite a number of years now – I do think questions are legitimately raised about the health of the group. Ole is such an extreme personality in many respects – I pray his life will end in a state of true repentance since I think he will croak here soon like old Mr. Crouch. He ought to end his years with an honest search of the past, and make amends with anyone that’s been hurt during the zealous exploits of this ministry. In my opinion Trinity Foundation ought to humble itself enough to find a completely separate body that is part of the evangelical mainstream to be accountable to. To my perception there is a kind of isolation from other parts of the church that is not healthy. I suspect this is in part due to the work that has been done to combat the greed and tragic abuse occuring in the world of televangelism. Still there are healthier parts of the church that Trinity ought to relate to better in my opinion. Instead they’ve isolated. It was too bad The Door died over things as dumb as the W.V. Grant Pic, and the Beavis & Butthead thing. (yes, I think its a bit funny – but seriously – if you want to have a voice, you gotta pick the right battles there guys) It really kills me that the door is gone.
    Anyways – this is one man’s opinion, and may God help me, I’m still figuring it out too.

    1. Thanks, Nathan, I appreciate your insights and advice. I can’t claim a prophet’s mantle, but I hope that if Trinity Foundation can get the word out about religious fraud, we will have accomplished our mission, despite our mistakes, missteps and failures along the way. – Ole

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