Victims, Fraud Tips or Reports

Have you or someone you know been a victim of religious fraud (such as from an evangelist, a ponzi scheme, etc.) or observed unethical or fraudulent behavior in a religious ministry?  Please report the experience in this form.  If a question is not applicable, move on to the next question…  or, if you have trouble filling out the form — call our office at (214) 827-2625 and we’ll help you fill it out.

Please leave a message if we’re not in.

If you can’t reach our office for some reason, please e-mail our investigators at

Concerned about confidentiality, want to remain anonymous?  We’ve been protecting the identities of victims and informants since we began.  However, we often cannot use various pieces of information unless we can communicate with you further.   It is extremely important that we have some means of contacting you if we have a question about the information you provide!

From a reporter’s standpoint, an actual witness is considered much more credible than someone who wishes to remain anonymous–but we will ask you before giving your contact information to a reporter.

In the case of illegal activity, whistle blowers are protected within the legal system.