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Have you or someone you know been a victim of religious fraud (such as from an evangelist, a ponzi scheme, etc.) or observed unethical or fraudulent behavior in a religious ministry?  Please report the experience in this form.  If a question is not applicable, move on to the next question…  or, if you have trouble filling out the form — call our office at (214) 827-2625 and we’ll help you fill it out.

Please leave a message if we’re not in.

If you can’t reach our office for some reason, please e-mail our investigators at

Concerned about confidentiality, want to remain anonymous?  We’ve been protecting the identities of victims and informants since we began.  However, we often cannot use various pieces of information unless we can communicate with you further.   It is extremely important that we have some means of contacting you if we have a question about the information you provide!

From a reporter’s standpoint, an actual witness is considered much more credible than someone who wishes to remain anonymous–but we will ask you before giving your contact information to a reporter.

In the case of illegal activity, whistle blowers are protected within the legal system.

39 thoughts on “Victims, Fraud Tips or Reports

  1. There is a man out here in Fairfield, Illinois who calls himself “prophet tom e deckard.” He runs Cradle of Hope International Ministry, inc. He bought an actual island in the turks/caicos island chain down by Haiti. He is encouraging all the members to move with him. This is a business and not a church. I have information on this man and would like to expose him. Please contact me if you’d be interested.

  2. Hello my name is David M. I have been a “member” of a baptist “church” just about all my life growing into my early 20’s. I have recently been revealed to the truth of what God really wants his Son’s church to look like. As a result of me seeing some corruption in what i call institutional “churches”, I am going against some issues that attempt to give God a bad name because of the hypocrisy of some who claim to follow in the ways of the Lord. I have vital information that can be used to have “churches” required to pay taxes like they should. Please contact me soon as possible. Thank you and may the one true God in HIs Son Jesus’ name be glorified today!

  3. I received mailing from St Matthew’s Churches (Tulsa, Oklahoma) about 2 weeks ago offering to pray for my needs. They included a reply card with postage paid in which they asked me to write my prayer needs, return the card and they will send me a blessed golden crucifix. I did it and received the crucifix with a very personalized letter of three pages and prayer instructions. One of the pages included a donation request. I am currently experiencing difficult circumstances that make me vulnerable to religious manipulative practices. I was about to send money, but something told me to research first. I found out multiple complaints of deception and a report from the Better Business Bureau stating that St Matthews Churches is an unreliable organization. Their website states in “Our History” section that they are not a charity, but a church that gives people the opportunity to worship God with their tithes and offerings. All of that was enough for me to throw their letter and golden crucifix to the garbage. They are just a money machine taking advantage of people in need.

  4. 3/18/16 Update: I got My money back! I called joshua ministries multiple times with no results. All they would tell me is to go pray or promise to call back and never call. I made complaints with Trinity Watchdog and every News organization I could find. Finally, I filed a complaint with the state of Michigan Attorney General fraud department. I immediately got a call asking did I want a check or direct deposit. There is a way to get your stolen money back from these fraudsters & opportunists. Tell everyone!

    1. If you willingly gave them your money as a donation that is not theft. There ar numerous scriptures in the bible that tell you to tithe. Dont listen to these people who say not to tithe etc. Listen to the bible.

    Ms VC white02072811971 or 07802518472

    1. Valerie, Please feel free to call me at the Trinity Foundation. Its quite difficult for us to conduct a pro-active investigation in the UK from Dallas, TX here in the US, but there might be able to help in some small ways. Call or email (contact info on this website) and let us know if you’ve contacted the Charity Commission in the UK.
      Pete (admin)

  6. stop this false prophet send prophecy out and ask about money
    his name is stephen choate his new webside

  7. Has anyone @Trinity Foundation followed Rick Wiles @ Trunews and his Vero Beach, Florida Flowing Streams ‘church’? He evidently started out in Texas, and was connected to the Crouch dynasty & Pat Robertson. To make a long story short over a period of 1 year and a half – 2 years we’ve given approximately $2,000.00 to His Trunews organization because we appreciated his news venue. He’s gone false prophet on us and after further investigation I see he’s made dire prophetic announcements & predictions in 2010 & 2012 which never amounted to anything.
    Besides his news & media ‘ministry’ he claims to be a ‘pastor’ as well @ his Flowing Streams church. They’ve bought many acres in Vero Beach and are asking for contributions to build their prophetic ministry. My family & I are ‘getting out of Dodge’ AFA Trunews is concerned but want to WARN others and protect them from what we believe is a false prophet/ministry. Please help with any info/investigation you may have on Rick Wiles.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. We don’t have any current information on him as we lost contact with him over a decade ago after he gave us information on Paul and Jan Crouch.

    2. Paula White is an Elite Prophestess of the NAR-DOMINIONISTS.
      !!GOD EXPOSED —EVERY & ALL—of the FALSE PROPHETS & Apostles ~~~~ by not allowing President Trump to win.!!
      God could have messed up all those Domion Machines etc, but GOD refused these False prophets/Apostles NOVEMBER 3, 2020!
      Some of the prophets repented, but most are out here on lone pushing another Agenda.
      >>JESUS words[in red]~~~-MATTHEW 7:15-23

  8. Have you all done any investigation into Paula White especially now that she is Trump’s spiritual advisor. She was on a talk show recently telling people if they don’t support Trump they are of the devil. I am scared. there are so many people, particularly black people following her.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Although we don’t release information on who we are currently investigating, we can tell you that we are aware of her and her ministry. She was one of the ministries that was investigated by the Senate Finance Committee back in 2011.

  9. Have you run across any religious organizations flowing people from a prisoners program where they involve there life with religion and incorporate buisness to be over run or taken over by there organization with the hope of finding new prosperous opportunities this seems to be happenning to my youngest son whom has a buisness and is involved with this church all of a sudden he wants to leave his buisness and go offshore why when he makes really good money and isn’t the offshore type this would be disasterious this region shit has taken his life

  10. An investiagation into Danny Davis needs to be done. He’s on the Word Network. He’s used to be on BET late at night. This “minister” is selling what he calls “Psalms 91 oil”. He used to call it “No Evil Oil”. I believe he is running a scam.

    He’s also claiming gold tooth filling “miralces”.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, many believe we can purchase healings or miracles but that’s just not the way God works. His ways are not our ways. It’s sad because so many people are desperate for change and really want a touch from God. We will take a look at Danny Davis but cannot promise that an active investigation will be opened. We are really swamped and have very limited resources. If you have any additional information that you would like to submit, please don’t hesitate to call or email us at or (214) 827-2625.

  11. There is a church being ran out of a home in Jacksonville Florida. 2323 S Chaffee Rd to be exact. They offered to collect items from the community for those in need, then put everything by the curb and covered it in cooking oil and bleach so it was unusable. They even had an ad placed on craigslist and facebook telling people to come by. The story goes (I was not present but reporting this from a group I am a part of) that they placed ads to give away items and when people (specifically those not of Caucasian skin tone) showed up to collect, the “pastor” and his wife came out and destroyed everything that was donated. I am SICKENED by this and someone needs to do SOMETHING!!! This is NOT a Christian way to be towards people in need!!!

    1. Wow, that seems really strange. I took a quick look. They call themselves Regeneration Ministries. I will start a file on them but cannot promise that an active investigation will be opened. We have very limited resources and must focus on ministries with a national presence. If you have any additional information that you would like us to take a look at, please call or email us (214) 827-2625

  12. Reinard Bonke came to Dallas .(According to Bonke God gave Africa to him and America to his friend Benny Hinn).There was a meeting in the reunion arena in Dallas in 2009 .He had publicized that the he would lay hands on every one who attended the meeting.But when the crowd gathered on the day of the meeting,they said the city wouldn’t let him lay hands on people.Then another time he sent invitation to people that there would be an impartation dinner at a Dallas Hotel in the downtown.The picture on the brochure sent to people reflected a scenario like John the Baptist baptizing Jesus.Bonke holding a man’s shoulder standing closer to him and he puts his other hand the man to receive the imparting’?But when the time came he and his assistant stood on a bench and the people passed through on both sides and each got a touch from them,more like a nodding on your head as lines of people pass speedily by the sides of the preachers.And after the meeting people came out of the room with a foolish look on their face.Very different from what you see on the broucher they sent.After that it looks like that they started coupon sale on impartation.I received another brochure for his San Antonio impartation sale with 20% discount offer-like a coupon sale on impartaion.Their invitation comes with a wish list.You write your 3 most urgent prayer requests.Like Elijah and the widow you think your problems are solved forever.If you take a grocery coupon to a store surely they will honor it and you get the benefit out of it.What those people who go to these kind of meetings get?I resigned my job in 2004 and was in the ministry since.I thought I could benefit byt going to such meetings.But felt like cheated.Later someone put a link on Youtube showing his friend whom God America smoking crack cocaine and another video about how he cheat people with 1000 dollar seed faith scam.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. Sadly many believe that we can get something from God by paying money but that’s just not the way it works. His ways are not our ways. We will take a look at Reinard Bonke but cannot promise that an active investigation will be opened at this time. We are swamped and have very limited resources but we welcome you to submit any additional information that you may have on him either by email at or phone (214) 827-2625. Specifically if you still have the brochures or coupons we’d like to see them.

      Thank you so much for sharing with us. We hope that God uses your experiences to help others in the future.

  13. My son is involved with Apostle David E Taylor and his ministry Joshua ministries. He is completely brain washed. They all live together, some at the church and live on bridge cards. They work around the clock for no pay. To me it is labor trafficking. We have very little exposure to him. I’ve listened to his videos and he teaches twisted scripture. He claims to be the Moses of our day and Jesus works with him? He is on the WORD Network Mondays at 7. I believe he has enough control to make his followers do just about anything. Someone has been trying to serve my son papers at our home and my son has lied and said he is not the person. Now he has been sent out of state. I questioned my son about Mr Taylor about some information someone had shared with me and my son told me he had to report me to the ministry for turning against the apostle, Gods annointed. My Taylor also believes he has been appointed Gods General. My son believes he is in his army. Really I hope you check him out, it all so crazy, bizarre and scary. And many people are completey controlled by him.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that your family is going through this. Although we are unable to confirm who we are currently investigating, I can tell you that this is not the first complaint we have had about him and we are aware of his ministry. If you have any specific information that you believe would be of interest to us, please email us at or call us at (214) 827-2625.

  14. I’m so glad I accidently ran across your organization. I’ve had Cerebral Palsy for 53 years and chased the miracle monkey for more than a decade. After having my faith ran over by most of the big ticket ministries, I firmly believe that I was thrown under the bus for the sake of corporate profits. These big ticket religious organizations leave a huge wake of destroyed lives. I myself have been thrown out of dozens of churches. Being accused most often of not having enough faith to receive my miracle. Even to this day is still happens and every time it hurts just as bad as the first time. It seems that these men and even some women in the industry, choreograph these huge events,, to rake in as much money as possible and skate out the door with the cash. I hate them for the damage that they have done, not only to my faith but also for the damage to my relationship with God.

  15. Please investigate Michael Koulianos of Jesus Image.
    He is Benny Hinns son in law( married to Jessica Koulianos). They operate out of Orlando and are having a Jesus School for Super natural copied off of Bethel Churches model. The entire curriculum is basically worshiping in the spirit, not learning about Jesus. For this they re charging 4000.00 per person. My daughter and son in law have moved to Orlando and paid this money to this charlatan. This entire ministry is basically the same thing Benny does. In fact , he is one of the listed “teachers” along with Kenneth Copeland, Bill Johnson and Todd White. There are many of these self appointed prophets operating in the Orlando area that are flying under the radar. Also, what is it about central Florida that attracts these false teachers?

    1. Hello Robert, thanks for your suggestion. We will definitely take a closer look. We know that for a period of time, Michael and Jessica were running a little church in order to help the huge Hinn ministry maintain it’s opaque/secret church status. The Hinn ministry’s official name is World Healing Center Church. Thus, the public has no idea how the money is spent. regards–admin

  16. Can you investigate Theo Wolmarans. His tithe teaching is diabolical and deceptive. He claims a person must secure their salvation with the tithe. He brainwashes people into believing they will go to hell if they don’t tithe. He also recently makes claims that a person might miss the rapture if they don’t tithe. All this can be seen on youtube and read in his book the blood covenant. He is a very slick salesman and runs his churches like a business. Other hidden doctrines are not on his website but the cult-like teachings can be heard every Sunday during the tithe and offering sermons.

  17. Hello Peter,
    I’m sorry about the slow reply. We’ve just now noticed that a number of things on our website are broken and I didn’t get an email about your post. I remember that over a decade ago, Theo Wolmerans had these leg-lengthening healing sessions going on in his church in San Antonio. At the present time, we don’t have the resources to investigate, we are too busy with other investigations. In the meantime, if you see any evidence of excess such as a lavish lifestyle or fraud, please don’t hesitate to bring it to our attention.
    Pete Evans

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