Money for Refugees ’blesses’ Pat Robertson’s Diamond Mining Operation

New Documentary: Mission Congo

Television is an incredible medium for raising money and one that televangelist Pat Robertson has used to the fullest extent for decades. Graphic images of starving, sick and hungry refugees can open hearts and wallets. For instance, Robertson’s Operation Blessing took in more than $338 million in contributions (and endowments) in 2013.

Five years ago, producers Lara Zizic and David Turner came to Dallas to interview Ole Anthony and gather research for a documentary about Robertson and Operation Blessing.  Now, after years of attempts by lawyers for Robertson’s organization to quash the film, it has finally been released.

It’s one of the most complete exposures of the business of televangelism we’ve seen.  Visit the Mission Congo website (here) and rent or purchase Mission Congo to see how millions of dollars were donated to help Rwandan genocide refugees in the mid-’90s, yet were diverted to Pat Robertson’s diamond mining company.  Toward the end of the film, Ole suggests a simple way to curb this kind of fraud.