Feds Investigate Benny Hinn’s Headquarters

Numerous agents from the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS and Postal Inspectors wearing POLICE jackets raided the nerve center of Hinn’s ministry, the World Healing Center Church in Grapevine Texas to carry out an extensive search warrant. One reporter estimated as many as 50 agents were inside the ministry gathering boxes and boxes of evidence and loading it onto trucks for two days beginning Wednesday April 26th. One IRS agent mentioned that their job was to investigate financial crimes.

Three television crews dropped by our Trinity Foundation offices on Wednesday to interview our president Ole Anthony, ask about our investigations of Hinn for the US Senate Finance Committee from 2005 through 2010, and see what else we knew. On Thursday, we helped WFAA News 8 find a young man who Hinn claimed to be healed of blindness when he was a boy back in 2001. Watch both segments here.

If you have any undisclosed information about Benny Hinn or his ministry, please send it to our contact email trinity@trinityfi.org or call our office at 214-827-2625. Your identity will remain confidential as long as you wish.