Church and Ministry Leaders to Steal $53 Billion in 2020

Continuing a 36-year tradition, the annual January issue of the International Bulletin of Missionary Research quickly summarizes the state of global Christianity with fascinating statistics.

Quick Highlights for 2020

  • Churches’ income: $320 billion
  • Parachurch and institutional income: $490 billion
  • Embezzlement: $53 billion
  • Income of global foreign missions: $47 billion

Researchers Todd M. Johnson, Gina A. Zurlo and Peter F. Crossing at The Center for the Study of Global Christianity compiled these statistics.  Their ongoing research needs greater media exposure so that global Christianity will be motivated to take action against these financial crimes.

With the amount stolen from churches and ministries, Christians could easily double the amount spent on global missions. Everyone should have the chance to hear the Gospel.