Are Preachers Getting Rich Off the Poor? Damn right.

Rarely do the televangelist victim’s stories get told, but last week, the BBC published their story, “The preachers getting rich from poor Americans.   Reporter Vicky Baker told Larry and Darcy Fardette’s testimony of being conned by Todd Coontz.  The article also goes into some detail about Trinity Foundation’s investigations.


Coontz’s four-year plus prison sentence is on hold while it’s being appealed.  He remains a free man and continues to solicit donations.  Despite committing tax-evasion, his ministry is still recognized as legitimate by the IRS.  The Trinity Foundation filed a brief requesting Coontz’s tax-exempt status be revoked.


A Trinity Foundation investigator spoke with former televangelist mega-donor Larry Fardette last week and Larry insisted we quote him.  He calls the televangelists he used to donate to, “Prosperity Pirates”.  We couldn’t agree more, Larry.