The Problem of Religious Fraud

A growing number of TV preachers were appealing for funds and receiving millions of dollars with no accountability using the broadcast airwaves. In many cases we found they were breaking IRS and FCC regulations with impunity. Living luxurious lifestyles while at the same time preying on society’s most vulnerable, they were preaching a gospel that promoted materialism and greed — using the language of Christianity while mocking its most valued historical tenets, like self-sacrifice and humility.

Similar to the countermeasures used to fool air defenses in war, these prosperity preachers were scattering a cloud of electromagnetic strips to “confuse the radar.” With so many false echoes, the real Christian message was getting lost, at least on religious TV and radio.

So we adjusted our mission to reveal and expose this deception, and try to make televangelists accountable to the rule of law and common decency.

We believe the freedom to practice religion protected by the Constitution does not include the freedom to defraud. And that needs to be reflected in our sanctuaries, our town halls and our courthouses.

Our goals:

–Increase public awareness by continuing to provide information requested by various news media organizations and giving interviews when appropriate.

–Enable the establishment of civil case law regarding religious fraud.

–Enable the establishment of criminal case law regarding religious fraud.

–Work with government agencies toward establishing greater accountability for religious, non-profit organizations.

To be clear, we investigate out of love for the church, working from the inside toward reform, not from a hostile or secularist agenda. And eventually we hope to work ourselves out of a job once the danger is past.

Our hope is that once the false echoes of the “prosperity gospel” disappear, the true message and meaning of the Cross will be available for comparison, and people will reject the “gospel of greed” for the shabby knock-off that it is.

5 thoughts on “The Problem of Religious Fraud

  1. what is the true gospel?
    i not too sure i know anymore…been lied too way way too much …
    i have issues with the gospel that i hear on tv…
    i have illnesses …hiv … etc … so i am home alot …they say that if i pay God money
    (tithe) that God will heal me … i am a poor man i have to live with people to survive …
    i have no job … but i am promised by the tv preachers and most around here where i live that if i pay god money …ill get favor on me and it will lead to a job … so i believe i was desperate ..i gave up over a few hundred thousand ..over the years when i was working …eventually i had to file bankruptcy… actually i couldnt though … i didnt have the money to file … i went to the church for help .. they asked me do you tithe i said yes they went to look … they didnt have record … because i gave without anybody knowing about it … also before that i was in a community in chicago …i gave up 169,000.00 of wages for 4 years … so said that should be enough… they said sorry cant help her is a small food box ..they stopped talking to me after that … im not their favorite … they dont call … i ask for prayer i am very ill they say ..just believe … and no prayer … what to do … thank you for your ministry …i listen to God and i now am almost out of debt…again… …thank you Jesus … never again …
    mr. ddt

    1. I hope you are aware that the body is sick, not the spirit within. The spirit has the power given by God to heal you, You must walk with God, be of righteous living to be able to enjoy his healing power. Jesus has mentioned this.

      1. Hello Ron,
        Not sure which scripture you´re talking about. At one point he healed someone and then said go and sin no more, but it was obvious the person was a sinner prior to his healing…

  2. I believe that people need to be encouraged to boycott these money-hungry preachers and their so-called ministries. Proverbs 22:16 says that those who give to the rich will come to poverty.
    By the way, I am a Rhema graduate. Kenneth E. Hagin wrote a book called “The Midas Touch” to rebuke these money-hungry preachers. He also had a meeting with many of them in Tulsa to rebuke them before he died.

  3. As Paul wrote to the few believers in Corinth, all of the promises of God are “yes” and “amen”, to us who believe in the atoning and resurrected Jesus of Nazareth. Yet the rich, self-serving “ministers” of the “health and wealth” “gospel” have all the reward they will receive. Things will only get worse for them. After this life they will face judgment. They break our nation’s tax laws and worship the god of “Mammon” [money]. Thank God for the Trinity Foundation and Mr. Anthony. I’ve been born again since 1977, and I’m an ordained minister. I have never taken a dime for my pastoring!

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