Mission Statement

Trinity Foundation was founded in 1972 to “promote the public interest in the state of Texas by organizing, designing, producing, presenting, operating and supporting Christ-centered communication projects, including radio and television programs and presentations, movies and film productions and in general all types of communications which will convey the love of Christ to the general public.”

Sometime in the 1980s, America’s religious complexion shifted toward a “prosperity gospel.” By virtue of Trinity’s interest in religious communication ministries, we were in the right spot to confront the excesses and self-absorption we saw, and to help victims of the perpetrators.

Trinity Foundation began monitoring religious media in 1974, and by 1988 had become pro-active in shining a public light on religious fraud. We obtained a private investigator’s license with the State of Texas, which enhanced our capabilities. Early exposes of the more blatant televangelist excesses have been seen by millions of viewers on virtually all the major news programs.

The foundation has also been called on by various government agencies, U. S. Attorneys, state attorneys general and the U. S. Senate Finance Committee to provide accurate data for investigations into religious fraud in the United States.

In 2015 the foundation has broadened the scope of its investigations to include religious fraud around the globe.

Trinity Foundation also has ongoing projects to provide affordable housing to the homeless and publishing ventures challenging and critiquing the direction of modern American Christianity.