Mission Statement

“The overriding purpose of Trinity Foundation is to act as a catalyst for Christ’s love by
–meeting needs of hunger and homelessness,
–confronting self-absorption and excess in the church and
–fostering spiritual reconciliation through Bible study and Christian community.”
The foundation has responded to this mission in various ways:

Investigating Religious Fraud

Sometime in the 1980s, America’s religious complexion shifted toward a “prosperity gospel.” By virtue of Trinity’s interest in religious communication ministries, we were in the right spot to confront the excesses and self-absorption we saw.

Social Ministry

From its inception Trinity members have taken the needy into their homes and fed the hungry. In the late 1980s, we started a program called The Dallas Project to encourage other congregations to do the same. In recent years we’ve provided a vehicle for similar ministries in apartment complexes in Oklahoma and Ohio. Currently we are endeavoring to begin seminars to help churches and non-profits get involved in affordable housing.

Sanctuary in the City

A single Bible study begun by Ole Anthony in 1975 grew to include a community of several dozen Christian believers in a transitional area of East Dallas, as well as independent groups meeting in North Carolina, Minnesota, Florida, New York City and elsewhere. The Dallas community organized in 2010 as a church congregation, separate from Trinity Foundation, called Community on Columbia (The Block). Study focuses on the ancient Jewish roots of the faith and how the gospel of the Cross of Christ relates to personal discipleship.

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