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If you like what we’re doing and want to join us in our projects, we’d love to have you on the Trinity team as a member.

Becoming a member of Trinity Foundation simply requires expressing an interest in the work of the foundation and making a contribution of at $25 or more each year. Of course, a larger donation and your continuing support are always welcome.

As a member, you will have voting rights at our annual membership meeting and periodically receive a newsletter of the foundation’s activities. Click the Make a donation button above or below and specify “membership” as the reason for the PayPal payment.

Or, mail your check to:

Trinity Foundation, Inc.
5640 Columbia Avenue
Dallas, TX 75214

Phone: 214.827.2625

Become a Sustaining Member

We are always on a shoestring budget and could use your continuing support throughout the year. Email [email protected] if you want a quarterly or some other periodic reminder.

Donate without becoming a member:

You can also, of course, make a donation without becoming a member, if you desire.

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See our 2018 IRS Form 990EZ


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See our 2017 IRS Form 990EZ

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See our 2015 IRS Form 990EZ

See our 2014 IRS Form 990EZ

Contact us:
Trinity Foundation, Inc.
5640 Columbia Avenue
Dallas, TX 75214
Phone: 214.827.2625
Fax: 214.827.7938
Email: [email protected]


  1. Brian Blackburn

    I love The Door I can’t afford the price But I say contenue in Honor of MIKE Yacanelli sorry if miss spelled Prise God & keep it going for JESUS!

  2. David Kinlay

    UnfortunatelyI have limited resources to donate but appreciate the ministry


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