Can you give me some tips on preventing religious fraud?

This page on this website…

How do I check to see if a church, ministry or non-profit organization is legitimate?

Here are some organizations that collect financial information about non-profits.

Ministry Watch

— And be sure to download their “donor alert” pdf file.

Better Business Bureau reports on charities

Guidestar collects financial reports for donors

990 Finder — search through form 990s (churches are exempt from filing, most televangelists claim their organizations are churches)

Where do I go to research a ministry’s theological beliefs?

Here are some resources that discuss both the ministry’s stated beliefs and whatever controversy they may be involved in.

Apostasy Alert — Jackie Alnor

Watchman Fellowship

Personal Freedom Outreach is a non-profit, non-denominational group with three goals: to educate Christians about the dangers and heretical doctrines of religious cults, to use the Gospel of Jesus Christ to reach members of those cultsand to warn Christians of unbiblical teachings within the Church itself.  This organization prefers to communicate by letter and they do not accept email.
Password Management to for-profit password manager services?
ConsumerAffairs, a leader in consumer news and advocacy, put together an expert-researched guide comparing the top password manager services. In addition to a buyer’s how-to section, the guide features verified reviews from actual human consumers.

Spanish, Español?  Have a loved-one or friend that only speaks Spanish?

Spanish religious fraud website here…


  1. E hayes

    Years ago I gave $1000 to lesea roadcast believing Mike Murdock. I am an idiot.

    1. Don

      A baby isn’t a stumbler when it falls while learning to walk. Your’re not an idiot when you do something idiotic. Simply learn from you’re mistakes (mis steps) and press on toward the goal.


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