Global Religious Fraud Reports

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Trinity Foundation in 2015 expanded its coverage of religious fraud to include the whole globe. We will post news reports related to religious fraud and ecclesiastical crime here as they occur.


JUNE 2017

Jury Awards Televangelist Grand-daughter $2 million

March 2017

Faith-Healing Church Members Under Fire for Death of Premature Baby

Televangelist Ernest Angley Ordered to Pay $388,000 for Using Unpaid Labor at Buffet

April 2016

Indiana Pastor Turned Flock into Drug Runners

October 2016

Alexandria Pastor Charged with $1.2 Million Dollar Congregant Fraud Scheme

February 2015

National Prayer Breakfast Highlights the Fellowship’s Support for Sudan

Val Kilmer’s Family Says Christian Science Is Hurting His Health

Multisite Elevation Church Buys $10 Million Shopping Center to ‘Secure’ Future in Matthews, NC

Lawsuit Accuses Televangelist Giant Of Threatening Whistleblowers, Funneling Millions To Personal Accounts The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) is facing a lawsuit…

Kansas Cult leader Daniel Perez faces murder and rape charges

Inside the secluded world of Father Divine

January 2015

James Randi retires from foundation at age 86

Evangelical Political Operative Reveals Plan to Fundamentally Transform America, and It Involves 1,000 Pastors

Pat Robertson Claims Evolution Is To Blame For Lack Of Miracles In America



May 2017

Nigerian Pastor Tim Omotoso charged with Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

Pastor’s words haunt sexually abused victim

David Oyedepo House and Cars

Oyedepo’s Church Received Large Sum from Army General Involved in Massive Fraud

 November 2016

Millions later, still no church building say Bushiri congregants

January 2016

Bushiri–I Am Too Filthy Rich to Use Church Offerings

August 2015

Adeboye–Richest Man in the World

February 2015

Bushiri Caught With Pants Down–Again

January 2015

Burundi pastor arrested for stabbing his wife

October 2014

Bishop Oyedepo banned from the UK over church corruption

April 2013

Adeboye interview by Al Jazeera–Private Jets, You can’t oversee 160 nations on a bicycle



February 2017 

Money Laundering Case ED to Probe Financial Transactions Between Zaki Naik  

May 2016

Gospel for Asia Staff Exodus Amid Negative Publicity

November 2016

Thai Prosecutors Charge Influential Buddhist Monk Over Money Laundering

January 2015 

Indian Guru, Rockstar Baba accused of rapes, murders…

February 2015 

Singapore – City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee admits to $19.2 million embezzlement

China executes cult members guilty of McDonald’s murder



February 2015

Ireland – Is Scientology a ’nonsense, pay-as-you-go religion’? One man thinks so

Ireland – Injunctions maintained in Church of Scientology intimidation case

January 2015

England – Con artist masqueraded as a faith healer to dupe vulnerable victims out of £650,000



October 2016

Dominican Republic – Genesis II Church claims cancer cure for Master Mineral Solution

September 2015

“Cash” Luna & the assassination of Pastor Claudio Martínez Morales



February 2014

Israeli filmmaker looks at Edir Macedo’s Temple replica in his movie ‘Inferno’