Crouches’ TBN empire imploding with family lawsuits / another involving Carra Crouch included below / legal fund added

Just when we were starting to think that investigative reporting is dead in America, the Orange County Register began to report on this story of intimidation, bullying, lawsuits, counter lawsuits, and opulent lifestyles among the leadership of the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Paul and Jan Crouch, who run the enterprise, hired their granddaughter, Brittany Koper, as CFO last year. When Brittany apparently began to try to clean up the finances of the organization she was soon given the boot along with her father, Paul Crouch Jr., who was being groomed to take over.

Among many incredible details of her own whistleblower-style lawsuit, Mrs. Koper alleges that her own uncle was tapping on a firearm while advising her to keep TBN finances and the Crouch family’s dirty laundry secret– or else.  A few days later, the same uncle -— Matt Crouch– and her grandfather Paul Crouch made similar threats on air during their daily broadcast, “Behind the Scenes.”

Granddaugther Carra Crouch alleges rape and coverup happened six years ago…

One of Paul and Jan Crouch’s granddaughter’s, Carra Crouch, filed suit against TBN on Monday 6/18/2012. She alleges she was raped six years ago at age 13 by a 30-year-old TBN employee and that the rape was covered up by her grandmother Jan Crouch and her 2nd cousin John Casoria–TBN’s in-house council. Carra is Brittany Koper’s younger sister.  Carra Crouch’s lawsuit can be found here.