Religious Abuse or Fraud
Preliminary Questionnaire

The following abuse questionnaire will provide us your contact information and some additional information which will help combat a growing problem of religious fraud from televangelists or fake religious investment schemes. You have entered a confidential, secured site. Your answers will be kept confidential and are password protected from outside and inside the Trinity Foundation. Questionnaires will be kept confidential unless otherwise directed by you. The only mandatory information required in the process of filling out this form is your contact information; however, the more information you give us, the more it will help us with ongoing investigations and possible future changes to laws governing the airwaves and financial transactions. In case of difficulty filling out this form, you may as a last resort, email the Trinity Foundation at or call toll free 1-800-229-8428 and leave a message. The submission of this questionnaire will generate an automatic email response letting you know we received it and will be followed up by a phone call, usually within a few days, but possibly up to a week after completing the form.

We cannot investigate all persons or organizations listed as the perpetrators of the abuse described within these questionnaires.



January 29, 2023, 8:15 am

Ministry or Person Being Reported:  
Where is the ministry or person located? Please be as specific as possible.

Your Name
First Name:
Last Name:
Province / State:
Postal / Zip:
Phone: () example: (306) 555-1212

Victim Information

First Name of victim if other than yourself:  
Last Name of victim if other than yourself:  
Relationship of the victim to you:  
Province / State:
Postal / Zip:
Phone: () example: (306) 555-1212
Age of Victim:  
Sex of Victim:   Male Female
Convenient Time to Call:  
Please summarize your story:

1. When did you first have contact with the ministry or person (best guess is OK) ?
2. What attracted or appealed to you?
3. What was your need or emotional condition at the time?
4. Is this ministry or person presently on the air?    Yes No
5. When and where did you last see, hear, or attend the program, seminar, crusade, etc.?
6. a) When did you last contact this ministry or person?
  b) When did they last contact you?
  c) Have you kept your letters, requests, or written answers to your prayers or any records of correspondence to you from the ministry or person?
   Yes No
  d) If yes, would you provide us copies or allow us to copy and return the originals?
   Yes No
7. a) Did they make a specific promise that was not fulfilled?
   Yes No
  b) If yes, what promise did they make?
  c) If Yes, was this promise made to you in a broadcast, in printed material or in person?
  d) If by broadcast, on what program did they make this promise? If possible, include the date, time and channel it was aired on.
  e) If by printed material, do you still have a copy of it?
   Yes No
  f) If by broadcast, do you have a recording of it?
   Yes No
8. a) What is the approximate value of the money/property you donated/invested to this ministry/person?
  b) Can you verify and have you kept records of this?
Yes No
  c) If necessary, would you furnish us copies of your cancelled checks or money order receipts that you donated/invested to this ministry/person?
Yes No
9. a) Did you make this donation/investment upon reliance of their specific promise?
Yes No
  b) Did they tell you that you had to make this donation/investment in order for them to fulfill their promise to you?
Yes No
  c) Did you believe that you had to make the donation/investment in order for them to fulfill their promise to you?
Yes No
  d) Were you told or made to feel that if you Did Not donate/invest, you would fall out of God's favor?
Yes No
10. a) Would you release to us your annual income?
Yes No
  b) If so, what was your annual income at the time this happened?
  c) What is your most recent annual income?
11. a) Have you ever received any type of welfare?
Yes No
  b) If so, what type?
  c) For how long?
  d) How much?
12. How has this experience affected your faith?
13. a) Do you think that this ministry/person is doing some good?
Yes No
  b) In what way or ways?
14. Would you support more public accountability of ministries/persons like this?
Yes No
15. a) Would you be willing to join a civil suit against this organization/person in which you might or might Not receive compensation for the alleged damage that was done to you?    Yes No
  b) If Yes, do you understand that by joining such a suit you will probably be asked to testify in open court or by deposition and that your name could be in the paper or on the news?    Yes No
16. Do you intend to or have you taken any legal action?    Yes No
17. From time to time we are contacted by members of the media looking for names of people who are victims.  May we have your permission to give them your name?    Yes No
18. a) Do you know of anyone else that has been injured that might want to talk to us?    Yes No
  b) If so would you furnish them our contact information?
Yes No
19. Would you be willing to write a letter to the legal authorities about your experience with or concerns about this ministry/person?    Yes No
20. a) Have you ever been employed by the ministry/person being Reported?    Yes No
  b) What was your title?
  c) What was your job?
  d) Who was your immediate supervisor?
  e) At which location?
  f) What was your salary?
  g) What time period did you work for this ministry/person?
    From to
21. Why did you leave?
22. Any other remarks?

"I have reviewed my answers and comments above and state that they are true to the best of my knowledge and remembrance."   Yes No