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  1. some more names to add to your list..
    tony evans
    paula white
    marylin hickey…and her daughter
    jesse duplantis
    around the boise area is
    capital christian center
    the vineyard meridian
    all of
    “The Church of God”

    there are way more in this area

    most Pentecostal/Charismatic churches teach these prosperity gospel doctrines
    some baptist fellowships are doing it now too
    almost all the fellowships around the greater boise area teach the prosperity gospel and they all teach that we are cursed if we dont tithe or money to God …its so sad to see this but this is normal around here

    many pastors live in expensive homes and drive expensive cars
    etc etc… and they tell us that God made them rich and he will make us rich if we give to the church( ie pastor …man of God ) and to give sacrificially… but what they dont say is that they are living off the tithes and offerings … its a such a scam it needs to stop… anyway
    peace and love to you
    God bless your work
    mr. ddt

  2. I am a minister in the area of Victorville ca and i have been for the past ten years with the corruption in the congregations in which I have found with countless fraud and and even washes of money i am announcer of tradio and this is where I get all the allegations and i’d like to be able to have an office that is devoted exclusively to deal with this type of situations for all by providing the flock the tools and the support of how to deal with this problem in the Hispanic area thank you and I would like more information on how we could make a union that begins to denounce the abuses that here and in the southern California area have been doing Since more than twenty years ago my name Fernando Meza and my phone number is 951 259-7808

  3. Where is Jesse Duplantis daughter. He has spoken of her but there is never a photo of her with either Jesse or his wife Cathy. Is she divorced. Marilyn Hickey has an adopted son Michael and she keeps him out of everything and only mentions her daughter and son in law.

  4. Has anything been researched concerning Rice Broocks and Every Nation Ministries, formerly Morning Star Ministries?

    1. We have not done a pro-active investigation into Morning Star… and may need to do so. Please let us know what you know by email on our report page.

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