We will miss his quirky style, his constant comments about those evil “heretic hunters” (possibly referring to us), and his colorful dress shirts–well, maybe not the dress shirts.  Paul Crouch […]

Elevation Church Pastor Steven Furtick has attracted some unwanted attention.  WCNC reporter Stuart Watson recently uncovered Furtick’s large $1.7M house tucked in the woods away from public scrutiny and doubly […]

Can a secular government be more compassionate than a Christian ministry? Knowing televangelists like we do, apparently so. Malawi’s new president, Joyce Banda, recently cut her own salary by 30 […]

According to BBC Africa and several anonymous informants who have contacted the Trinity Foundation, Nigerian televangelist TB Joshua was giving away free “holy water” at his church, Synagogue Church of […]

  Wow.  It’s amazingly disturbing…  one of our most questionable American exports–televangelism and its excesses–has finally reached a crescendo in Australia. Millions of tax-free dollars flow through this mega-corporation (one […]

December 5, 2012, Religious Leaders Tell Congress No New Laws Are Needed to Curb Abuse, the Chronicle of Philanthropy, by Suzanne Perry… A report from a multifaceted religious commission tells […]