THE TROUBLE WITH TBN, by Bobby Ross, Jr.

As a result of the escalating drama and scandal at the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Christianity Today raises the question as to whether various ministries should seek reform for the network or simply withdraw their programming.  CT reports that the Trinity Foundation is publicly calling for legitimate ministries to withdraw from TBN (click here).  “It’s a spiritual and moral snake pit,” said Trinity founder Ole Anthony. “TBN uses these legitimate preachers to justify [its] existence.”

Ole Anthony, investigator for Brittany Koper, had more to say as an addition to CT’s article: “A federal Judge in California, Judge David Carter, soon will issue a ruling which we believe will combine all state and federal cases filed by TBN against Brittany Koper into one lawsuit.  Other actions are expected soon after that.”

3 thoughts on “THE TROUBLE WITH TBN, by Bobby Ross, Jr.

  1. I would be surprised if any ministry voluntarily leaves TBN — simply because it is the right thing to do. The reason I say this is because if that mattered they would not have been on TBN to begin with.

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