Philippine Televangelist Charged With Sex Trafficking, Operated Church as Business

(Photo: Apollo Quiboloy is identified as the “Appointed Son of God” during a TV broadcast of his Sunday sermon.)

Apollo Quiboloy, the Philippines’ most popular televangelist (1.2 million followers on Facebook), was recently charged with sex trafficking.

The Associated Press reported, “The indictment accuses Quiboloy and others of recruiting women and girls, typically 12 to 25 years old, as ‘pastorals’ who cooked his meals, cleaned his houses, massaged him and traveled with him around the world. Some also had sex with Quiboloy on scheduled “night duty,” including some minors such as a 15-year-old girl, according to the indictment.”

Quiboloy has the support of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and might be found innocent of the charges.

Meanwhile, Quiboloy’s twisted theology and business practices should have served as warning signs, but discernment is lacking in the church today.

Quiboloy’s theology is often at odds with the Bible. Earlier this year, Quiboloy proclaimed on Instagram, “Ako ang huling pipirma sa kaligtasan ng tao” which means “I am the last to sign on human salvation (translation from Google Translate).” Members of Quiboloy’s church supported the televangelist’s claim that he determines who goes to heaven.

In 2016, Quiboloy’s church The Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name Above Every Name incorporated in California as a for-profit business. The articles of incorporation allowed the church to sell 100 shares of stock.

In 2018, Philippine authorities seized a suitcase on Quiboloy’s jet which contained $335,000. ABS-CBN News reported that church manager Felina Salinas was fined $500 for lying about the amount of cash in Quiboloy’s suitcase. According to Hawaii News Now, Ms. Salinas initially claimed to authorities that the cash was hers, which was why Mr. Quiboloy was not held in Honolulu, Hawaii by U.S. authorities.

There are numerous rumors, some confirmed, of televangelists laundering money. If have any information about religious organizations laundering funds abroad, please let us know.