Feedback: What you are saying about us…

This email from Germany:

… and my greatest respect for the work you are doing. I felt so alone with my thoughts and feelings about all these false teachers, prophets and money makers. In fact, I left church because I was so many times -what I call –  “spiritually abused”. I lost my trust, but not my faith into our precious Lord Jesus and His teachings and the teaching of His apostles.

I am so glad about the work you are doing and I can tell you, you cannot imagine how much these wolves have influenced the churches in Germany too. I feel very much alone here because if you criticize any of these influences, the churches here make you feel being not a part of the body of Christ. That alone caused a lot of damage to my soul and my spirit. But thank God, I did not withdraw from Jesus.
Please, please, please continue your work and expose these greedy and cruel liars. I hope you will soon make clear the real spirit of this “prophet” Manasseh Jordan, who leads so many young people astray… He brings his teachings to Europe and all over the world and I can only cry tears when I see his success with so many believers who are in need and put their hope and trust in his teachings and  – their money.
Thank you that you are there. Thank God for what you are doing. May He bless you and destroy the works of the devil soon.

Yours sincerely,