The Devil is trying to discredit Dollar!

This past Sunday, prosperity preacher Creflo Dollar went ballistic and lambasted his critics—note that the first few words out of his mouth attributed the entirety of the criticism to the devil.

Several weeks ago, Dollar removed his website’s princely request—“Project G650 Campaign” asking his supporters to pony up $300 each in order to help him buy a $65 million jet.

But, just when we thought that Dollar was either returning to earth or at least succumbing to pressure; he took the opportunity in front of his cheering church members to sharply criticize the many that thought this was an unreasonable request and justify his “dream” for the world’s most luxurious private jet. Dream on Mr. Dollar. The only problem with your dreams, Mr. Dollar, is that they impoverish the people who least can afford it.

We are tempted to publish our 2007 report to the US Senate Finance Committee about Creflo Dollar.  Should we?


  1. dolorez

    I wish it would get published. It is infuriating that these “pastors” get notoriety that they slap down with the explanation that it’s only the devil trying keep them from spreading the gospel. Their biblically illiterate congregations cheer and have their backs. Maybe if the report gets published, some of those followers will see it and cut their gifts to Dollar’s fraud of a ministry.

  2. Paul Dolnier

    PLEASE publish the report that was done and was submitted and keep up the great work that you do

  3. David Boomer

    I think if you have this info then it is wrong not to report it. This does not come within Paul’s criticism of taking a brother to court. Dollar is no brother. He is a false, so-called brother.

  4. David Boomer

    I think it is right to expose these fraudsters to the authorities. They are false and so-called brothers.
    Go for it!


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